An American adult content creator who claimed to be the “first transcanine” woman has reportedly been banned from the website Onlyfans for allegedly posting sexually explicit content about sexual relations with animals.

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, a former OnlyFans model known as Knotty Fairy announced that her page had been removed from the subscription-based platform. “Please keep in mind. I lost my job due to your actions. And now you’ve removed me from Onlyfans. Allow me to have just this one thing. I want to live a pleasant life. Sharing my links with negativity is detrimental to me. Remember that I am also a human being. “I have feelings,” she wrote on Twitter. According to Evie Magazine, her OnlyFans page was banned after receiving sufficient reports.

The self-proclaimed “TransCanine” model, who has more than 184,900 Twitter followers, first gained widespread attention when she began tweeting about her alleged sexual encounters with animals. The majority of the material is sexually explicit and deviant in nature. She stated multiple times that she has intimate relationships with dogs and treats them better than those who “are literally trophy hunting animals.”

People are literally trophy hunting animals for the sole purpose of bragging about the kill. That’s acceptable, however. You have literally driven multiple species to extinction through hunting. You bring death to animals, while I bring them orgasms. I’m a better alternative. “So stop tweeting,” she wrote in one of her earlier tweets. Her content had previously been flagged by both OnlyFans and Twitter.Numerous content warnings have been issued by the microblogging platform.

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The news of Knotty Fairy’s ban was reported days after a middle school science teacher turned Only Fans model was banned from the platform. Samantha Peer wrote on Twitter that she couldn’t upload any more videos to the video-hosting service.

Peer, also known as Khloe Karter, stated, “It appears OnlyFans deactivated both accounts (and refunded all customers and subscribers) and is preventing me from creating new accounts.” According to its policy, OnlyFans prohibits the creation of sexual content in a public setting. The policy of the platform prohibits users from uploading, sharing, displaying, or publishing content containing sexual activity captured or broadcast in a public setting.

Peer was fired from her school job after students discovered her account and filed complaints with the administration of Thunderbolt Middle School. The Lake Havasu City Police Department reportedly investigated a report that a Thunderbolt instructor was viewing adult content. Some of the photographs depicted the instructor in a classroom setting.

Fox News reported that according to a police statement, the photographs were “likely taken on Thunderbolt School property” and that the police were investigating possible legal violations.


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