Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta begins strolling in the direction of her home, arjun from behind explains she has not modified even a bit and continues to be the identical fourth class fail physician, Preeta all of the sudden begins recalling how Karan used to name her by this identify. Preeta turning asks if he mentioned one thing, however he replies she is the one who has to say thanks, Preeta affords him to return to her home so he can contemplate it as a thankyou gesture, Arjun exclaims he can’t come since he has a gathering so Preeta leaves, arjun hesitantly will get within the automotive.

Preeta getting into the home hugs Bi jee, she sits on the desk when Janki affords her water seeing which Shristhi begins making faces, Shristhi explains that at any time when she involves this home they by no means deal with her like this, Bi jee explains she had completed all of it for her however Shristhi didn’t discover it, Preeta explains she ought to settle for that each Bi jee and Janki love her extra then Shristhi, she seeing the burnt sarree of Preeta asks how did it occur, she explains that it received burnt due to the Diya within the Mandir, she assures it’s nothing like that. Preeta hears the knock on the door so goes to open it, she is surprised to see Arjun and asks what he’s doing right here, he replies he has to say one thing when Preeta tries to ask him however he pushing her enters the home.

Arjun greets Bi jee who is worked up to see him and even Shristhi hugs Arjun, he questions in the event that they donot ask their company for tea, Janki replies they put together the tea for the company, so Preeta affords to make it for them, all of them want to drink it. Preeta enters the kitchen when Arjun is simply gazing her, Bi jee after some time asks him to return and sit with them since it’s going to take time for the tea to prepare. Shristhi tries to wrestle with Arjun since she is standing in entrance of him, Arjun lastly manages to sit down whereas Shristhi additionally sits beside him. Bi jee thinks she doesn’t have any disgrace as she forgets that she has been married to Sameer, Bi jee instructs her to go and assist Preeta however Shristhi refuses explaining she would sit right here and speak with Arjun.

Prithvi within the cell asks why the opposite particular person helped him, he replies that he appears like he has recognized Prithvi however can’t recall the place they met, Prithvi replies it isn’t attainable as he’s a lawyer, however Prithvi has not used the lawyer until now. Prithvi will get excited to see Sherlin so calls her explaining how he was ready for her and now that she has come every part could be high quality, Sherlin begins twisting his hand and even threatens the lawyer when he tries to cease her, Prithvi explains it’s actually hurting so what did she do, Sherlin replies he can’t settle for how Prithvi put his telephone in girls’s bathroom, Prithvi asks how can she imagine he would do something of the kind, Sherlin replies she additionally went to the inspector who confirmed her the cell which belongs to him, she is disgusted. Prithvi tries to clarify he doesnot know the way his telephone received within the toilet as Arjun stole his telephone once they have been combating after which his telephone was present in the bathroom. Sherlin explains his life has develop into a hell after trusting him, he mentioned that he doesnot love Preeta however then they discovered he was roaming round her, she explains she has lots of respect for ladies so he should keep right here for what he has completed, Prithvi begins shouting questioning why did she come if she was not prepared to assist him, Prithvi exclaims this constable is a bachelor, he turning to the lawyer explains he’s actually opportune to not be married. He asks Prithvi is Preeta is similar lady who received married to Rishab, Prithvi asks how he is aware of about that household when the lawyer replies due to this fact he was not in a position to keep in mind the place he has seen Prithvi.
Preeta brings the tea for all of them and after serving asks Arjun the explanation he got here right here, he asks who would he must complain about Preeta, Arjun reveals he was the one who stopped her sarree from the hearth, Preeta replies she was about to inform them, Arjun explains she doesnot even know they need to thank somebody when Preeta replies she did inform him however Arjun says Preeta mentioned that it was not coming from inside her.

Arjun after ingesting tea asks why she put so much less sugar in it, Bi jee asks Preeta to go and put sugar which Preeta takes to the kitchen, she thinks of a plan so as an alternative of sugar places slat in it as a revenge.

Preeta palms Arjun the tea when Arjun reveals he additionally dropped her to the home, Preeta replies that he himself provided to drop her, Arjun asks why she not thanked him as he confirmed her manners. Preeta informs she provided him to return and have tea when Arjun replies he solely got here to complain about her. Preeta says he ought to have tea which he says is nice, Preeta replies that he’s a wired particular person as she put salt in his tea, Arjun informs they’ve caught her actions. Bi jee begins scolding Preeta questioning why she do it when he helped her. Sameer all of the sudden enters the home greeting all of them and is surprised seeing Arjun, he questions what’s he doing right here so Arjun informs he got here to drop Preeta and stayed again to fulfill with Bi jee and the remainder of the household.

Sameer asks why did Preeta Bhabhi not name him, Shristhi getting indignant replies he’s at all times prepared to assist everybody else however not her, Sameer informs because of this he got here right here when he stands to go away exclaiming he has lots of contacts of the designers, Arjun hurts his head which worries everybody in order that they instantly rush to assist him, Preeta even brings the turmeric milk for him which he refuses to drink, she then informs she would place the chilly pack on his head so it doesnot harm him anymore, Arjun begins recalling the moments spent along with her and all of the sudden holds her hand earlier than leaving the home, Bi jee questions Preeta if she mentioned something to him which she refuses.

Arjun driving the automotive is smiling recalling how he feels delighted whereas being with Preeta however then he thinks of the night time when he was thrown within the dam, however now she is married to Rishab. Arjun thinks his coronary heart at all times needs to go to Preeta however now he wouldn’t go close to Preeta since she doesnot have any emotions for him, Arjun thinks he ought to keep away from her as a result of if this continues then he would reveal the reality that he’s Karan, till his revenge is full, he can’t inform the reality about his id. Preeta can also be frightened within the kitchen whereas Arjun will get within the automotive to drive away, they each appear tensed.

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