Defense Secretary Lambrecht has been chastised before, but her New Year’s video is simply outrageous. The minister should either apologise or resign.

The first fireworks display in Berlin on New Year’s Eve A woman in a sky blue blazer stands at a crossroads, framed by the ornate East German buildings surrounding the Frankfurter Tor. Tourists and fashion photographers in the capital flock to this location.

The location has now been discovered by the head of the Bundeswehr command as the backdrop for a New Year’s video that Christine Lambrecht posted on the Internet over the weekend. The Defense Secretary apparently thought it was a good idea to share her New Year’s resolutions in this manner with the public. However, the video’s style and content are upsetting.

So unsettling that there are now doubts about Lambrecht’s ability to perform her duties. At first glance, the form chosen by loud firecrackers and tangled SPD politicians is irritating. Some areas are difficult to understand because the New Year’s Eve firecrackers are too loud. Apparently, no one advised her to use a clip-on microphone in this situation. The wind then blew, ruffling the minister’s hair. The screen alternates between black and white. The person who recorded the video was shaky.

A minister should not have such an unprofessional appearance.Worse than the form, however, was what Lambrecht said in the video. She discusses the war in Ukraine in it. Immediately after, he mentions “the many special impressions I was able to achieve,” quoting. Don’t forget the “multiple encounters with interesting, great people.”

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But she did say that. Empathy deficiency There is no mention of war victims or refugees. Many of them will also be in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. They also heard firecrackers explode. However, it should serve as a reminder to Ukrainians of things other than special impressions and pleasant encounters. The minister demonstrates an astounding lack of empathy in this video.

As a result, this blunder outweighed other actual or perceived blunders. Whether it was the image of her son in a Bundeswehr helicopter or the anticipated difficulties of trying to modernise the broken Bundeswehr from now on, everything was lost in the face of gaffes at the start of the year. Lambrecht must either apologise or relinquish her important position.


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