Andrew Tate is probably the most famous person on the internet, whether you like him or not. After all, no one remains popular on the internet after being canceled. and has collaborated with a number of internet celebrities.

Lana Rose welcomed the controversial internet celebrity to her home in a video posted on Mo Vlog One and described Top G. Andrew Tate as one of the most recognizable men in the world.

Andrew Tate paid a visit to Lana and Mo in order to vlog for her podcast, Vibes. Lana Rose is mentioned as one of the biggest deterrents to shooting with the former kickboxer in the video. “I’ll fix it, bro,” Tate said in response. Following the recording of the podcast, Mo Vlogs challenged Top G to a game of chess with his sister, one of his favorite games.

Tate steals Lana’s pawn after she realizes he’s going to beat her in a few moves. He then checkmated Lana Rose. Tate is asked about his favorite car from the Mo Vlog car series in the final segment of the video. His favorite car is the Lamborghini Huracan.

Lana Rose previously explained on the podcast why she despises the former kickboxer. The famous YouTuber stated that, while she does not completely despise Tate, she does not agree with his views on women. She was primarily referring to Top G’s misogynistic remarks.

Lana went on to say that Tate’s comments about women over a certain age being useless offended her personally.

“I’m not saying girls are useless after a certain age; I’m just saying girls are less attractive after a certain age,” Tate responded.

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Then, the former kickboxer made it clear that he was talking about Western culture, not Middle Eastern culture.


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