a sporty, well-built frame that can support at least 20 pounds in college. Excellent arm length High-caliber disruptive player capable of playing multiple positions and routes.

Utilize a powerful first step to shoot through holes and wreak havoc in the defensive backfield. always desired to return home and complete. can sink his hip and rush with good speed, but is most effective when attacking the outside shoulder of the blocker.

Dexterous spin and aggressive cracks frequently result in bags. His excellent eye training enables him to follow the trail. The fact that he spent the majority of his youth running up and down the basketball court was reflected in his movement patterns, as he was constantly adjusting his second half to find equilibrium.

Throughout his high school career, despite the offense’s weekly attempts to entice him, he consistently produced. He needs to add strength and keep learning, but he has the potential to be an All-Star. According to feedback from the next level, he has the characteristics of a future early NFL draught pick.


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