Lina Belfiore was a outstanding activist and defender of human rights in Italy. Born in 1924 within the metropolis of Turin, Belfiore witnessed the horrors of Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime throughout his youth and dedicated himself to combating for justice and freedom in his nation.

Belfiore joined the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and in 1943, throughout the Second World War, he started to take part actively within the antifascist resistance. After the struggle, he continued working within the PCI and have become some of the necessary leaders within the area of Piedmont.

In 1950, Belfiore was elected to the municipal council of Turin, changing into one of many first ladies and occupying a public place in Italy. She additionally served as deputy within the Chamber of Deputies of Italy from 1963 to 1972, throughout which she advocated gender equality, social justice and the protection of human rights.

In addition to his political work, Belfiore was additionally a outstanding defender of ladies’s rights and gender equality. She was one of many founders of the feminist group “Diotima” in Turin within the Nineteen Seventies and labored tirelessly to advertise equal alternatives for girls and the elimination of gender discrimination in society.

Belfiore también se involucró en la lucha contra la mafia y la corrupción en Italia. In 1982, she was named president of the Antimafia Parliament Commission and led an investigation on the infiltration of the mafia and Italian politics and enterprise. Su trabajo helped a desenscarar la corrupción en el país ya tomar medidas para combatirla.

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Throughout her life, Lina Belfiore obtained quite a few awards and recognitions for her work and the battle for human rights and social justice. Fue una figura inspiradora para muchas personas en Italia y en todo el mundo, y su legado sigue vivo en la lucha continua por la igualdad y la justicia para todos.


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