Lindsay Crosby, the youngest son from Bing Crosby’s first marriage, has lost his family after learning that the estate he relied on has vanished. Lindsay Crosby shot himself in his Las Virgenes apartment, a family spokesman said Tuesday.

11 days after attorneys informed Crosby and his three brothers that their late mother Wilma Wyatt’s oil investment for them had failed, Marilyn Lai, a spokeswoman for Lindsay’s brother Gary, S, stated that the investment had failed. After years of battling alcoholism, depression, and living in the shadow of his famous father, the news, according to Reiss, was “the last straw” for Lindsay.

Gary Crosby reportedly said, upon learning of his brother’s death, “If he’s a scumbag, he can probably handle it.” “He was so sensitive.” Crosby, 51, was discovered dead with a gunshot wound to the head late Monday afternoon. A gun with a small calibre was nearby.

Rice stated that Crosby resided at the apartment on Bravo Lane while receiving alcoholism treatment in nearby Calabasas. She stated that he was scheduled to return to Sherman Oaks this weekend with his third wife Susan and their two children. Crosby has two other sons from previous marriages. Alcoholism is only one of Lindsay’s many problems, according to Rice. He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1962, went through two divorces, and was arrested multiple times for DUI and assault.

His attempts at the entertainment industry, including roles in low-budget films such as The Glory Stompers and Free Grass, were a dismal failure. In 1983, Lindsay supported his brother Gary’s “Going My Own Way” book, in which he portrayed Bing Crosby as a bully who abused his son. “I hope it clears up a lot of old lies,” Lindsay said at the time.

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Bing Crosby married actress Kathryn Grant in 1957 and started a second family. He passed away in 1977 at the age of 73, leaving his money in a blind trust fund that his sons were not permitted to access until the age of 65 – their youthful antics disqualifying them. The behaviour received extensive coverage in the news media.

Six years ago, one of the Crosby brothers, Philip Crosby, told a magazine, “My father thought, ‘How much trouble are they going to get into with this?'” Arthur’s financial investment. Gary Crosby revealed to Rice that the four brothers, including Philip’s twin brother Dennis, were in shock. But he said to himself, “My life is a series of shocks.” I can find work as a backup singer or in a recording studio running errands.”

Reiss stated that no one knew the extent of Lindsay’s despair until now, in hindsight.


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