Lindsey Graham points ludicrous alert about Brazilian ‘terrorists’ with ‘Gucci baggage’ flooding border

On Tuesday’s version of Sean Hannity’s long-running Fox Information quiz present What’s Up My Ass Tonight, Mildred?, Graham apprised us of the newest faux scourge scourging our scourge-beleaguered republic: impeccably dressed Brazilian terrorists.




GRAHAM: “We had 40,000 Brazilians coming by way of the Yuma sector alone headed for Connecticut sporting designer garments and Gucci baggage. This isn’t financial migration anymore. Individuals see an open America, they’ve taken benefit of us, and it received’t be lengthy earlier than a terrorist will get on this crowd.”

Okay, positive. I understand how enjoyable it should be for Fox Information and Republicans to think about all types of shady characters crossing over our southern border carrying couture contraband, however for some purpose they by no means cease to ask why a terrorist would select this technique for getting into the nation after they may simply e book a ticket to LaGuardia. Or, in the event that they don’t wish to be too apparent, they might fly into Toronto and take a bus. 

However ‘Gucci bag-toting Brazilian terrorists’ sounds harrowing sufficient to spontaneously rework hundreds of thousands of MAGAs right into a writhing, quavering mass of glitchy Keystone Mild sprinklers. The quicker their voters can fill their Underoos, the higher the GOP’s prospects will likely be in 2022. So we’re going to maintain listening to concerning the border—and all these individuals who wish to reside right here and contribute to our economic system—nonstop, for at the very least the following yr .

After all, you’d suppose {that a} nation dealing with a current—and future!—labor scarcity would welcome immigrants (particularly ones who can afford Gucci baggage!) with open arms. However then it could be unimaginable for Republicans to scapegoat immigrants for all our nation’s issues.

Additionally, what the fuck is Graham speaking about when he says “open America”? The Biden administration hasn’t even revoked Trump’s Title 42 pandemic coverage, which permits the federal government to show again migrants over considerations about COVID-19. And, sure, migrant encounters have increased at the border, largely as a result of they turned sharply downward in the course of the pandemic. However simply because migrants are “encountered” doesn’t imply they’re flooding into our nation. Many are being sent back. Despite the fact that, you understand, we’ve this present and looming labor scarcity. However then once more, when was the final time America was ever forward-thinking?

Prepare for extra of this, as Republicans do all they will to wrest management of the federal government from grownup palms. They’ll preserve working the identical play till it stops working. Sadly, thinly veiled racism has by no means gone out of favor in America.

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