A viral video named “link video viral 4 bersaudara” showcasing four sister’s breasts has been trending on TikTok and Twitter recently. People are searching for the viral video links of the 4 sisters on TikTok and Twitter accounts because they are curious to find those video links. There was a TikTok account called @liss_teng28 that posted this video with the viral hashtags early on in the year, FYP, Growdang, and Four Sisters.

Who are 4 bersaudara sisters?

As of right now, there is no official information regarding the identity of these girls. We will update you as soon as we get some information about these girls.

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Details on link video viral 4 bersaudara

On Twitter, there is a video that has been circulating for the past 12 seconds, in which four women stand facing the camera in a variety of poses before the camera. They are known for showing off their breasts in front of the recording camera. According to the video circulating, the four girls squeezed each other’s breasts without hesitation without hesitation. A few of them appeared to be smiling at the camera, squeezing each other’s breasts with their hands in front of the phone.

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Link Video Viral 4 Bersaudara


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