I was able to attend the launch of the New Zealand female adult agency Thumper a few weeks ago. In less than a year, founder, creator, and native New Zealander Jasmine* has become one of the largest creators on the platform.

Thumper is a production company that aims to disrupt the American adult entertainment industry from within. The whole thing took place on a luxury yacht in Oakland Harbor, where self-made millionaires ate stinkiest cheese, went down water slides, and drank for free.Then I contracted COVID.

Despite my sadness, I was able to speak with Jasmin via telephone. We discussed rejecting white beauty standards, working at Subway as a teenager, and purchasing a home at the age of 19 in paid message after paid message.

Jasmin never had a dream job while growing up in Auckland, New Zealand. But something about adult entertainment had always piqued her interest.

Because she was part Indian, Fijian, and Maori, she had no place in the industry at first and lived in constant fear and uncertainty.

“As a brown woman, I was constantly exposed to white beauty standards,” the 20-year-old told VICE. I lacked self-confidence and believed I did not look good enough.

Jasmine, who worked at Subway as a teen, reported that she was harassed by inappropriate comments, particularly from men. “I was simply at work, you know?” “I performed my duties and was not compensated for being treated in this manner,” she said.

In contrast to hospitality, adult entertainment attracts attention. Jasmin feels he can finally reject male objectification and “reclaim his power.” The adaptability and freedom Jasmine has to make money from her sexuality has always fascinated her.


“Ultimately, you live in a man’s world, and no matter what you do, you will always be harassed, objectified, or sexualized.” Therefore, if possible, you should take advantage of it and profit from it,” she said.


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