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Hours from now, the massive FestiKids 2023 event will get underway. It’s time for the family to get together and plan a vacation day that will be enjoyable for everyone, including the kids.

Despite the pandemic, the festival went on as planned last year, and this year, even more people are expected to attend.

Tickets can be purchased for this kid-friendly show at the Las Condes Cultural Center by visiting the website

Duplos gives you a rundown of what’s going on so you can plan to take the kids to upcoming shows.

On January 6th, you can catch a performance by the musical theatre group TikiTiklip. His words can be heard by both young and old. There will be live music, instrumental performances, and audience participation, all with a focus on costumes.

Giant puppets, standing at about three metres in height, will also be present at this FestiKids. The goal of the show is to shock and delight audiences of all ages with fantastical takes on beloved characters from across the ages and dimensions.



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