An internet scare originated from a TikTok video that went viral. The video, uploaded by user @narvanator on January 8, 2023, contained only ten seconds of footage and text overlays claiming that the Mona Lisa had been stolen that year. This led individuals to believe that the famous painting was stolen in 2023.

The Mona Lisa was stolen while your point of view was set in Paris.

There is currently no news report from the Louvre. In addition, numerous commenters expressed outrage and demanded more information on the subject.

In a TikTok video, a long line of ambulances and police cars can be seen. In addition, sirens can be heard in the background as the video is shifted to the left side of the display. When observing this portion of the video, the Arc de Triomphe can be seen in front.

There is uncertainty as to whether or not the masterpiece Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was stolen. Many believe that the caption was a reference to Gru from the Despicable Me film series. The Mona Lisa was not actually stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In the video’s comment section, users gathered with questions and doubts. After causing such widespread panic, the video’s creator’s failure to provide an explanation outraged many.

In the film Glass Onion by Rian Johnson, Edward Norton portrayed the antagonist Miles. In the film, Miles stole a painting from the Louvre and kept it in his Glass Onion mansionthe film, Miles stole a painting from the Louvre and kept it in his Glass Onion mansion. The sarcastic Twitter user for the film, @nayeonswife.v, mentioned Miles’ residence in reference to the painting being “in the glass onion, y’all.”

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Concerned parties from around the globe have taken to the internet after @narvanator uploaded a hazy video to TikTok regarding the painting’s current condition. Even though it was burned to ashes at the end of the movie, many people are worried about the original artwork still being around.

When the theft of the Mona Lisa was confirmed on Twitter, it brought in a lot of new followers who were interested.


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