#news About the death of Putin and his entire system #WorldNews

#news About the death of Putin and his entire system #WorldNews

#information About the death of Putin and his entire system #WorldNews

#news About the death of Putin and his entire system #WorldNews

Vladimir Putin

Mysterious are the methods of God. And so is the logic of world historical past. Ukraine tried to affix NATO via the entrance entrance, clad in lovely, ironed uniforms of our troopers.

We weren’t allowed in via the entrance door. However, we’ve got turn out to be a rustic utilizing numerous varieties of weapons of NATO states, ideas of troop administration, intelligence, the techniques of destroying the enemy military, including precise strikes on enemy centers and being not fixated on massive assaults (a la Stalin’s Marshal Zhukov) and big losses related to them.

The Soviet-Russian command all the time incurred losses, understanding that Russian ladies would nonetheless give delivery to extra cannon fodder.

Perhaps Ukraine now has the most NATO-style military of all.

Our communications infrastructure turned out to be fairly steady. It allowed bizarre residents to make use of cell communication and cell Internet (even in fight zones) to assist our pricey military destroy enemy targets: massive, armored columns to Russian troops’ management factors, EW stations, and air protection methods like S-300. Our individuals, bizarre civilians, Googled a bit to discover ways to establish precedence targets to be destroyed first.

Yesterday’s IT specialists discovered to throw common fragmentation grenades straight into the hatches of enemy tanks so properly we must always clap our arms. Ukrainian particular op forces and partisans function fearlessly and efficiently in the briefly occupied territories, slicing the traitors’ throats who defected to the enemy and elevating “cotton” over enemy army bases. Meanwhile, volunteers have already put into operation the first high-resolution satellite “seeing” the enemy through clouds and smoke-shrouded areas the place the enemy troops have been making an attempt to cover from the exact strikes of Ukrainian artillerists.

What is Putin’s mistake? Ukraine can’t be in comparison with Russia, which in the end succumbed to him and prostrated herself beneath a system created by former KGB officers turned FSB officers, or to different international locations. Putin’s system succeeded not solely in subjugating the 140 million Russian individuals. The management system restored since Stalin’s time managed to reprogram the Russian population by turning them into accomplices in a warfare crime supporting Russia’s warfare terror.

Overall, all the things is evident with Russia: it’s going to find yourself in the landfill of historical past.

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Ukraine additionally can’t be in comparison with Afghanistan, which most likely impressed Putin to begin a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Russian dictator had pictured an identical situation of blitzkrieg, panic, evacuation, the seize of authorities, and loyalty of bizarre Ukrainians, who, in Putin’s “system of axes,” had been presupposed to feed his military with out including poison to the pies or kicking the invaders out of our land, like cockroaches.

The Russians who wrote to us asking if we had been able to flee by clinging to the chassis of transport planes (clearly alluding to the Afghan situation) didn’t know a factor about Ukraine. They couldn’t even think about the highly effective resistance Ukrainians had been succesful of.

The failure of his analytical companies and intelligence, and the concept of his personal omnipotence and immortality, will develop into catastrophic for Putin. And additionally for his nation, which he confidently leads right into a bottomless abyss, they’ll by no means crawl out of. Overall, all the things is evident with Russia: it’s going to find yourself in the landfill of historical past.

And what about Ukraine? You could say I’ve painted too rosy an image. Unfortunately, you’re partially right. Putin has harm Ukraine an excessive amount of. We will find out about the quantity of killed Ukrainians after the warfare.

I feel we’ll shudder once we perceive and notice the extent of our losses. The battle just isn’t over but. Millions of individuals left the nation. Another half was deported to Russia, typically forcibly. Russian commanders preserve ordering their world’s longest military to actually chunk off Ukrainian land meter by meter, destroying our cities and infrastructure. The Ukrainian agricultural sector has been dealt a major blow.

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The enemy even burns grain fields, aiming at elevators and logistics facilities. And in winter, we should battle towards the chilly. I hope our companions will assist, however their assist, I feel, might be disproportionate to the injury achieved. The query of utilizing Russian belongings frozen in the West for restoring Ukraine will nonetheless be mentioned many occasions over to succeed in essential selections. This all takes time we do not have.

The value of Ukraine’s victory is already huge. And so are geopolitical adjustments that may essentially happen in reference to the victory. We are deterring an anti-human regime threatening not solely Ukraine. Right, we tried to enter the world safety system with a parade march clad in attractive uniforms of the Ukrainian military, whose models had marched in the Independence Day parade, making hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians proud.

But we’ll put our ceremonial uniforms apart till higher occasions. Ukrainians will enter the collective safety system with faces sooted with fires and eyes crimson from smoke and tears, in overalls coated in diesel gas, engine oil, and our fellow brothers’ blood.

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With flags pierced and shredded by enemy bullets. On board a “motley assortment” of tools: the Soviet-era BMP-1 becoming for the museum, the German Panzerhaubitze, the French Caesar, the Polish Krab, the American M777, you title it.

But we’ll change this world by bringing down yet one more evil empire ending with the triumph of the ideas and values known as common and completely different from the cannibalistic instincts of the Putin regime.

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