#news Magpie season: Man recalls terrifying attack in Raymond Terrace, NSW Hunter region #WorldNews

#news Magpie season: Man recalls terrifying attack in Raymond Terrace, NSW Hunter region #WorldNews

#information Magpie season: Man recalls terrifying attack in Raymond Terrace, NSW Hunter region #WorldNews

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‘I assumed they had been pleasant’: Man’s terrifying encounter moments after he bragged he’d by no means been attacked by a magpie

  • Frightening encounter with magpie left a person bodily and mentally scared
  • Michael Murdoch thought the birds had been pleasant earlier than he was attacked 
  • Bragged to his mates he’d been by no means been attacked earlier than, who filmed incident
  • 1874 Australians reported being swooped up to now in 2022 with 240 accidents

A younger man who boasted to his mates about having by no means been swooped by a magpie was left red-faced aftr he was relentlessly attacked by the hen simply moments later. 

Michael Murdoch final week realized the exhausting manner that magpie season in Australia is in full flight. 

He was strolling alongside a path close to his Raymond Terrace in the NSW Hunter region, when he was instantly swooped from above.

Footage exhibits him ducking for canopy earlier than falling to the bottom because the hen continues to encompass and attack him as he tries to evade it.

Mr Murdoch initially thought magpies had been pleasant birds and had boasted to his mates moments earlier that he’d by no means been swooped.

He now has a unique view of magpies after his shut encounter.

Michael Murdoch (pictured) won't be bragging to his mates again anytime soon

Michael Murdoch (pictured) will not be bragging to his mates once more anytime quickly

‘I felt this gust of wind on the again of my head and I heard this large clap,’ he advised Seven News.

‘It was on like Donkey Kong.

‘I began screaming and working. I’m screaming for my life.’

His buddies filmed the whole incident and could be heard laughing in the background.

They are additionally accustomed to the magpie. 

‘It was simply actually aggressive, it at all times has been,’ one good friend stated.

Another added: ‘Every season it is again, swooping us and attacking children.’ 

On prime of a bruised ego, an emotionally traumatised Mr Murdoch additionally suffered cuts and scratches to his abdomen and legs.

‘I can inform you one factor, I’m petrified of them now,’ he stated.

Michael was walking down a path near his home when he was swooped

He was floored by the aggressive magpie

This s**t gave me some severe PSTD,’ Michael captioned the footage on Facebook afterwards

Already no less than 1874 Australians have reported being swooped on which has resulted in 240 accidents up to now in 2022, in response to on-line tracker Magpiealert.

With numbers rising sharply in latest weeks, wildlife specialists have supplied recommendation on find out how to get by means of the magpie breeding season unscathed.

Magpies breed between August and November yearly, and it’s the safety of their younger with outcomes in protecting swooping behaviour.

Most magpies that swoop are male – simply recognized by their white backs – who’re merely defending their nests and hatchlings from hazard.

It’s estimated solely 10 per cent of magpies really swoop, often inside the 50m-100m neighborhood of their nests.

Moments earlier, Michael Murdock (pictured during the arrack) boasted to his mates he'd never been attacked by a magpie

Moments earlier, Michael Murdock (pictured through the arrack) boasted to his mates he’d by no means been attacked by a magpie

Australian National University’s Research School of Biology not too long ago compiled a guide on find out how to survive the magpie season unscathed. 

If you have been swooped on a number of occasions on completely different days in the identical space, likelihood is it is the identical magpie.

‘Magpies can recognise particular person faces,’ Dr Chaminda Ratnayake stated.

‘Once they determine a single particular person as a menace, there could also be an inclination to swoop or attack them through the breeding season near the nesting space.’ 

The dreaded magpie swooping season is full swing with almost 650 reports attacked so far during the 2022 season. Pictured is a cyclist's recent terrifying encounter

The dreaded magpie swooping season is full swing with virtually 650 reviews attacked up to now through the 2022 season. Pictured is a bike owner’s latest terrifying encounter

Dr Ratnayake recommends adopting a method of keep away from, minimise injury and inform. 

It contains steering away from areas the place you have been swooped for a couple of months, carrying a hat and sun shades to guard your head and eyes and to resist the urge to panic and flee if confronted.

‘Running or biking away shouldn’t be a good suggestion,’ Dr Ratnayake stated.

‘Most recorded accidents happen when folks attempt to keep away from being attacked – particularly when biking.’


 *If you’re swooped whereas driving, get off of your bike as many accidents are precipitated in falls throughout an attack.

*Keep an ear open for his or her distinctive warble

* Stay nonetheless and calm to impress an extra attack.

*Wear sun shades and enormous wide-brimmed hat to guard your head and eyes.

*Face the magpie as they have an inclination to attack from behind. Keep going through the hen as you stroll out of their territory to keep away from be swooped as quickly as you look away.

Source: Magpie Alert 


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