#news Who Is Javier Hernandez Rojano? Father Killed Children Over Ex-Wife’s Alleged affair

#news Who Is Javier Hernandez Rojano? Father Killed Children Over Ex-Wife’s Alleged affair

Here we’re sharing a chunk of stunning information with you. An evil father has been detained for 60 years for murdering his two youngsters by poisoning them. The dad greed them by taking them buying as he took the youngsters from his ex-wife’s home and was taken them to his house. The dad allegedly murdered the children as a result of he was jealous of the truth that his ex-wife had met anyone. The incident occurred in March within the Bolivian metropolis of La Paz the place he has been found responsible of committing this apparent crime. Recently the information got here on the web and many individuals are shocked by this incident. Right now they’re exploring this information on the web as a result of they’re very curious to know in regards to the information.

According to the report, The Criminal court docket in La Paz heard that Javier Hernandez  Rojano 47 years outdated advised his ex-wife that he needed to buy his youngsters, aged seven and 4, new footwear. He described to that court docket how he carried out the crime out of  “jealousy” and the way his ex-wife had found anyone new that created him to execute the crime and homicide his youngsters by giving them poison. He selected the yard of his home to kill his youngsters as a result of he infiltrated the meals merchandise with liquid insecticide earlier than feeding it to them.

Rojano took the poison for himself in tried suicide however it didn’t have the identical response because it did on the younger ones. After consuming the poisonous yogurt, Rojano skilled extreme abdomen cramps and in some way managed to reach on the police station in his weak state of affairs. As he acquired quick medical consideration, he confessed to the great care unit of the hospital the place he mentioned sorry to his household for murdering his youngsters after recovering.

The legislation enforcement official said, ” The dad gave the victims insecticide after a match of jealousy as his former associate and mom of the minors had a relationship with one other man.” Soon protests broke out within the metropolis requiring justice for the deceased youngsters by the lecturers of the Technical Agricultura; Eduction Institute. They


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