The National Football League (NFL) is the world’s wealthiest sports franchise. In 2022, the league is projected to generate more than $18 billion in revenue. Forbes ranked 30 of the league’s 32 teams among the 50 most expensive sports franchises of 2022. Due to the high stakes, any dispute could harm the league’s reputation, as the NFL has some of the strictest vetting standards for new franchisees.

What if, however, the league itself is involved in a scandal? One of the most prevalent conspiracy theories asserts that NFL games, like WWE matches, are scripted and their outcomes are predetermined. Former NFL running back Arian Foster confirmed the rumors in a recent interview, though it was unclear whether he was serious.

“Not only that, but it’s script practice. Here’s how it looks. We must do it, like the WWF, so we know what will occur, but you must still act. In a postgame interview after the Jaguars trailed the Los Angeles Chargers by 27 points in the 2023 playoffs, quarterback Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars brought up the NFL playbook.

“You cannot write a script crazier than this,” said Laurentius. Obviously, that was an interview conducted on the court following the game. YouTuber and influencer Mark Phillips, aka SupremeDreams1, tweeted a joke about the Rams playing Tampa Bay in the 2022 playoffs in an NSFW video.

Marlon Humphrey, the current cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, responded to Foster’s tweets. Obviously, Twitter was negatively affected by Foster’s remarks. Some of these responses are not suitable for work. In 2015, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. Dharma Hamlin, the Bills’ safety, suffered cardiac arrest after being shot in the chest against the Cincinnati Bengals during the regular season. Since then, Hamlin’s health has improved.

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