Nikita Dragun may be one of the most popular YouTube stars, but she occasionally needs a break. The beauty influencer, entrepreneur, and model has been absent from the platform for more than a year and published her most recent makeup tutorial in June 2021. She disclosed the true reason for her absence to E! from the digital News Drive! series.

“Things were beginning to get a little out of hand,” she told host Austin J. Mills in an exclusive interview. “I have been sharing every aspect of my life without censorship.” But as the number of followers and followers and all that other stuff grows, it appears that you are receiving more than a few comments. She has become an expert at handling adverse reactions over the years. The celebrity has amassed over 3.55 million YouTube subscribers, 9 million Instagram followers, and 14.5 million on TikTok by posting makeup tutorials and discussing her journey as a trans woman in the beauty industry.

What is her secret to preventing haters? The 26-year-old revealed, “If I can survive high school, I can do anything.” “I have been called by every name in the book, and nothing really surprises me.” But occasionally I’ll have a “clapping moment.”

Austin asked the social media celebrity the same question he always asks while driving in her Corvette Stingray. What do you believe contributes to your success? Her response was simply iconic.

She stated, “I just want to be a badass woman.” “I want to take advantage of every opportunity and accomplish everything that people tell me I cannot do.” And I am always eager to accomplish something and prove others and myself wrong.

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She proved her childhood rival wrong in 2019 when she launched her successful makeup line, Dragun Beauty. Since gaining fame, Nikita has performed what she calls the “ultimate power move.”

Nikita reveals, “I ended up dating my school bully,” to which Austin responds, “That’s probably the biggest variable.”



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