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Northnatt leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, videos and photos

An influencer who recently attributed OnlyF’s 60% decline to the World Cup has revealed her nerdy side. The 21-year-old Kerolay Chaves made headlines for the first time when she admitted to being the “last virgin” on the adult platform. In July 2022, she underwent hymenoplasty to reconstruct the hymen.

She claimed at the time that she was “extremely grateful” for the independence that the life-altering surgery had granted her. The Brazilian bombshell has said more about her personal life now that she has admitted to being a big fan of video games.

She also enjoys playing board games in her spare time, which she embraces. Due to their introverted nature, they are typically difficult to get along with. Therefore, if he opens up to you, it is because he is comfortable in your presence. In addition, the model revealed that they are also geniuses, so “you’ll never be bored.”

“Nerds are homegrown,” asserts Kerolay. They enjoy spending the day at home watching a good movie and playing games with their significant others. However, Bombshell claims that they can be quite intense. Therefore, dating a nerd is acceptable if you do not desire a fully committed relationship.

She continued, “They are aware that they are nerds, and they tend to give their relationship their all.” Attend a partner who is loving, devoted, and committed.”In the end, nerds will ensure a prosperous future. They are extremely dedicated in all that they do! Your geek friend will do whatever it takes to give you the future you deserve and desire.

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Kerolay recently said that vegans are better in bed, even though they don’t eat that way themselves.

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