Sebastian, who is 9 years old, is “already” a feminist, as he is aware of his mother’s OnlyFans account and past as a stripper. The model explained to Emily Ratajkowski on Tuesday that she chooses to be open with her children because what they “did not learn from her” is available on TikTok and Instagram.

“Your son will start Googling you when he’s five and see everything,” Rose, 39, said on the High Low podcast, noting that one of Sebastian’s classmates recently told him she was in The Work of OnlyFans, a subscription-based website where celebrities and influencers post NSFW photos and videos.

“We had a lengthy discussion about it,” Video Vixen recalls. I believe that whoever told him that his parents were ignorant was mistaken, as he obviously learned it from them. Sharing that she had “just explained everything” to Sebastian, Rose stated, “When it comes to being a woman, you must force women to do what they must to support their families.”

The former talk show host went on to tell her son that “Mom needs to make money” so that she can pay for her son’s “good schools,” vacations, and trips to Six Flags and Universal Studios.When a friend of Sebastian’s later encountered the OnlyFans founder in a car, Sebastian expressed his support for the women’s platform.

“Brother, you cannot say that,” he reportedly said. “You must allow a woman to do whatever she pleases with her body.” That is uncool. “You cannot do so.” The SlutWalk organiser joked as she recalled an overheard conversation, “Tears are streaming down my cheeks.” The cheeks sagged down. I thought to myself, “That is my goddamn child.” “I inculcated it in him at birth.” Rose explained to Sebastian that she used to remove not only his clothes to make him “insensitive” to his job but also his period.

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