Paul Breach, a 42-year-old British Tiktoker and Instagram celebrity whose username is beautybeyondtheeye, is a Tiktoker and Instagram user. It began with horrifying dances and skits, which led to him harassing those who denounced his suspicious and abusive behavior in public. It fueled animosity towards these individuals, despite the fact that hundreds of others voiced their concerns.

Here is a list of Paul’s shady, disturbing, and abusive behavior, which many people think should disqualify him from owning a platform that protects young women.

Paul has been tagged numerous times on Instagram and Tiktok. People are extremely dissatisfied because neither company takes their concerns seriously. It is time for them to pay close attention and remove this individual from their platform.

After gathering sufficient support and signatures, the petition will be sent to the heads of TikTok and Instagram.

There are also allegations of doping, which I will not list because I lack complete information.

There are numerous reasons why so many people dislike Paul and believe he does not deserve or should have a social media platform. not solely due to her pregnancy. The internet is a dark and filthy place, and many of us are “haters,” or, as Paul likes to call us, “Thunder [email protected]*nts,” who have our own children and do not want their safety to be compromised by perverted adults like Paul Breach. Through diplomatic channels, numerous individuals have attempted to contact Paul privately for advice and education, only to be met with anger or ignorance.

Thank you for reading, and I ask for your assistance in making the Internet, which is already a hostile and dangerous place, safer for everyone, especially young women.

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