Fans were perplexed by a recent tweet from Paul Breachwnsix’s account that was not even marked with a sensitive content warning.

Despite the offensive nature of the video, many of Paul Breachwnsix’s Twitter followers were shocked to see him post such unsavory content, prompting the company’s official Twitter account to flag the video as “sensitive content.” This means that in order for anyone to view the video on Twitter, they must first click a warning badge indicating that some users may find the video disturbing. Below is more information about the controversy.

Why is Paul Breachwnsix’s Twitter so popular?

In this video, where the user exposes his private parts without any content warnings, it is unclear why the user did not take the time to do so. Commentators speculate that the user may be attempting to gain popularity by posting offensive content that is likely to go viral quickly. The behind-the-scenes video demonstrates conclusively that what he did was intentional, causing the public to go crazy in the comments.

Twitter video triggered by Paul Breachwnsix’s tweet:

According to the site’s community guidelines, some users may feel uncomfortable, shocked, or disgusted by Paulbreachwnsix’s tweets. The rules also prohibit dangerous stunts, which the video posted by Paulbreachwnsix on Twitter may involve. According to the rules of the platform, no content that shows a bad attitude toward the public is allowed.

Due to its popularity among celebrities and creators such as Paul Breachwnsix, the app’s community guidelines have become stricter over time. In 2020, according to Engadget, the company implemented “sensitive content” warnings on individual videos. The company strengthened this policy a year later by advising users to avoid searches that may produce unsuitable results.

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Watch the leaked @Paulbreachwnsix Twitter video.

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