The World Athletics Doping Review Board (DRB) has approved the applications of 18 Russian athletes who meet special eligibility criteria to compete in international competitions as Neutral Athletes (ANA) in 2022, while passing the Russian National Federation’s (RusAF) approval. pause.

They will not, however, be able to participate in the Oregon 22 World Athletics Championships.

In approving the 18 applications, the Doping Review Board determined that, in accordance with the World Athletics decision dated March 1, 2022, all Russian athletes, coaches, and officials are prohibited from competing in all competitions for the foreseeable future due to the Russian invasion. Ukraine in the World Athletics Series

In addition, the Wanda Diamond League decided retroactively to exclude Russian athletes from competitions. In addition, the Doping Review Board assumed that individual Continental Tour organisers would not invite Russian athletes to their events. Athletes from the ANA are still eligible to compete in international competitions as long as they are open to Russian athletes.


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