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Randy Lemmon is dead, writer and an educator at heart

Randy is a writer and educator who is enthusiastic about gardening. He is a gardening information specialist, as opposed to a horticulturist. The purpose of Randy’s website is to serve as a repository for all of his published work from the past 25 years. This includes both his educational and creative writings.

GardenLine is a radio programme hosted by Randy on NewsRadio 740 KTRH in Houston, Texas. From 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, listeners from all over the state tune in to hear Randy give advice on everything from aphids to zoysiagrass.

His shows are well-known for their lists, such as the Lawn Fertilization Schedule and the Ten Commandments of Mulch. He has a 4-hour gardening programme on both Saturday and Sunday. This is the most popular gardening programme in the United States, with more “on air hours” than any other call-in show.

Grant Herron, a self-publisher from Houston and the Texas coast, offers advice for those who miss a show in any of his four gardening books. His most recent book, New Decade Gardening: A Gulf Coast Guide, is available at local nurseries, garden centres, and hardware stores.

Randy regularly attends public events and speaking engagements on weekends. Finding him in one of these places is a matter of chance! After Hurricane Harvey’s 2017 devastation, he learned how to assist people in rebuilding their gardens and landscapes. In his forthcoming book, Texas Tough Gardening, which will be published next year, he shared his knowledge. In February 2021, he will publish Arctic Freeze Uri to share the knowledge he gained while assisting others in recovering from the polar vortex. You can use this method of “looking at it” to solve your problem by examining his calendar.

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When you want to maintain your own landscape but need assistance diagnosing problems and getting marching orders because you have no idea where to begin, This is the purpose of Randy Lemmon Consulting. This is not a landscaping design service; rather, it offers assistance in determining where to begin when necessary.

To request a consultation, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Consulting.” I will send you a price list and a detailed description of my services. There are two pricing models for consultations: one that is free but requires me to travel to your location for an on-site consultation.

My consulting firm frequently assists landscape companies in collaborating with horticultural businesses. One of the primary reasons these companies work with me is because I assist gardeners and homeowners in comprehending my cultural recommendations. I am always available for consultations with commercial clients throughout the year. Please email me with “consulting” in the subject line for consultations.


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