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The Fall (now available on video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime Video) is a classic single-location B-movie that exploits a single fundamental fear: extremely high altitudes (aka acrophobia). So two women climb an oversized, skinny object, and we endure a series of EFF-THIS moments for the better part of 107 minutes, and sometimes, when done well, that’s all you need from a film. Check to see if Autumn got it right.

Some refer to them as thrill-seekers, while others refer to them as insane. The three are mere points on a massive cliff face. With ropes, harnesses, carabiners, and these anchors, they climb fearlessly! Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Dan (Mason Gooding) are a sweet young couple who steal a puck while hanging from a rope, and Shiloh (Virginia Gardner) is the oddball they dub “Ethan Hunt.” To simply refer to a single incident as an “incident” is equivalent to saying that World War II was a one-time event. Dan slipped and fell. resign. shout The only conclusion that can be drawn is that he broke down and is no longer alive.

Even though Becky is a millennial, she still has an answering machine. This may be the film’s biggest test of our suspension of disbelief, and believe me, there will be a lot of mistakes in the future. Her father calls her with concern (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). She was not at home to respond because she had returned to the bar.

within the bottle’s bottom rupture. Empty pizza boxes and takeout containers are strewn about her house, indicating that she is upset before we even see her sleepy, half-downcast eyes. Additionally, there was a bottle of pills within the liquor cabinet. She placed them on the counter and contemplated.

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Shiloh has the brilliant idea of driving to an old, rusty, and abandoned television tower in the middle of the desert and climbing down from it. This prompts Becky to confront their fears until they cry, after which she scatters Dan’s ashes into the wind.

Shiloh is a professional YouTube stunt performer known as Danger D; therefore, it is her job to be a jerk. So she squeezes into her most worn-out push-up bra, grabs Becky, and they climb the rickety, oxidised ladder while the wind howls, wondering if they are wearing enough sunscreen. These girls were white and pale.


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