Siddeshwar Swamiji dead, in a critical state of health passed away

Sri Siddheshwar Swami, 81, of Sri Jnanayogashrama in Vijayapura, Karnataka, is critically ill. For weeks, the visionary had been confined to a wheelchair due to geriatric disease. He, however, refused treatment and was only willing to take painkillers, according to doctors. The ashram requests that the public refrain from disturbing the prophet.

The prophet suffered multiple fractures after a fall at a worshiper’s home in January but has since fully recovered, according to The Hindu newspaper. His health has deteriorated in recent weeks, and he now requires a wheelchair. On Saturday afternoon, December 30, he was wheeled to the monastery to greet the crowd, according to The Hindu.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai paid a visit to the Prophet in order to inquire about his health and receive his blessings. “I visited Sri Siddeshwar Swamiji of Jnana Yogashram, inquired about his health, received his blessing, and received information about his health from the doctor,” he wrote. I pray to God for a quick recovery. (sic )”

Sri Siddheshwar Swami has lived in the Ashram for over 65 years and is known for his simple lifestyle and engaging style of speaking. He is multilingual and has a broad interest in philosophy, and he frequently uses anecdotes and examples from various sources in his presentations. He was a popular speaker in Karnataka and Maharashtra, where he spent several months speaking in small towns. The Prophet is from Bijjaragi village in Vijayapura district and has a Master of Philosophy from Bangdawad University in Karnataka.

His mentor, Vedanta Kesari Sri Mallikarjuna Mahashivayogi, dubbed him a prophet of mathematics. In 2018, the seer declined his Padma Shri award, citing his disinterest in tangible titles as a result of his commitment to spirituality.

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