YouTube now has The Sidemen Tinder in Real Life 4 available. Although it didn’t work out, Zerkaa can be heard using one of the pick-up lines Valkyrae gave him earlier in the year in the video.

The crew of Sidemen and Friends just shared their greatest (and worst) pick-up lines in their Tinder in Real Life film, which they recently posted. The video was densely filled with information and the work of numerous content producers.

This video has been “almost a year in the making,” as the opening implies. The most recent Tinder in Real Life film was a return to the crew’s earlier series. They published a UK YouTuber Edition in 2020. The American YouTuber version of this most recent upload.

Men like Logan Paul, KSI, Mike Majlak, George Janko, and the core group of Sidemen shared their pick-up lines. They were engaging in gunplay with well-known online personalities who were women.

Zerkaa utilises a line that fans may have heard earlier this year when the males are sharing their pick-up lines with Abby Rao. After making an introduction to Abby, he uses a pick-up line to get her attention. Josh here, and I’m 29. Although I enjoy viewing sunsets, I would much rather watch you go down.

Zerkaa politely declines the line by saying, “I’m going to have to say no Sir,” but Abby quickly rejects it.

The phrase might not be the finest ever, but it is a humorous homage to one of the possibilities Valkyrae provided him during a broadcast she conducted in February of this year. One Reddit member recognised the opportunity right away and shared it there.

Prior to filming the Tinder in Real Life video, Zerkaa asked her on a live stream for pick-up line ideas. She advises him to say, “I don’t like sunsets, but I’d want to see you go down,” during her stream.

In addition, she advised him to use the phrase “I’m jealous of your heart, it’s inside you pulsing and I’m not.”

In the most recent video, Logan Paul’s exchange with Sky Bri is another standout moment. Paul approaches her and mentions that she has already slept with his brother, Jake Paul, when he goes up to talk to her.

She swiftly adds that Logan is the “cuter brother” after hastily confessing that she has.