Bigg Boss OTT The first season of Kannada got off to a rocky start, with contestants arguing. Sonu Gowda asks her why Sporty always laughs when she speaks and requests that she address her directly. Sonu Gowda stated that she disliked it when people laughed behind her back. This resulted in a dispute between the two. Rakesh Adiga and Akshata Kuki subsequently struggled to defeat Sonu and Spoorthy.

The show has only been on the air for a few days, but the entertainment value is increasing as the players create an indoor farce. Unfortunately, it appears that the rift between them has widened the rift between Spoorthy Gowda and Sonu Gowda. Sonu even referred to Spoorthy as “dove Rani,” which infuriated her and led to a bitter argument.

Sonu Gowda leaked

Sposhi was observed laughing, despite the fact that Sonu and Rakesh’s conversation was not amusing, which upset Sonu. Sonu argues that Spoothy should come to her with problems instead of discussing them with Rakesh and Akshata.

However, Spoorthy stated, “I will not change; I will not evolve.” Rakesh, on the other hand, attempts to explain to Sonu that Sporty is smiling at him and not at Sonu. Sonu, however, does not believe the response.

Sonu expressed her disappointment that no one at Big Boss’s house understood her emotions. Bigg Boss Kannada OTT viewers believe Sonu drags Rakesh unnecessarily whenever he fights with Spoorthy, thereby aggravating the situation. She eventually cried to prove her point. It should be noted that Sonu already has poor relationships with Uday Surya, Arjun Ramesh, and Aryavardhan. Somanna also stated that Sonu lacked the ability to communicate with others in a respectful manner.

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Sonu Gowda is the first week’s nominee for Bigg Boss OTT Kannada, as is common knowledge. Whether or not she will be evicted from the apartment due to her poor relationship with her roommate is uncertain.

Currently, the House of Bigg Boss (OTT Kannada) has sixteen contestants. Bigg Boss considers Nandini-Jaswanth to be a single contestant.


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