Agastya : Why you got it right here ? You know that now I’ve saved myself away from the world of music. I warned you to not do these issues which I actually don’t like .

Pakhi ; The anger in you is just not an answer for forgetting these bitter pains which you underwent at your previous . You are a coward who’s working away out of your soul.

Agastya : What you say ? I’m a coward !!! !! I’m that one that have overcrossed the paths of thorns in my means , who fighted with the worst issues and made myself as a successfull individual.

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Pakhi : I agree . All these reveals you that you’re a fighter who managed the worstest issues once you confronted probably the most stunning fact of your life- Your Paapa’s sudden demise and the Biggest Betrayal did by Ishani whom you thought-about as your soulful beat. You have coped up the scenario nicely. I need to say you’re very a lot brave that as a substitute of shedding tears time and again you was succesful to problem some one and also you received it . You purchased again your Paapa’s firm , you glorified his title , you succedded the enterprise . Infact along with your unedning hardwork and dedication you established your self so nicely that one who insulted you got here this door with one other low cost methods to seize you once more. But you’ve got turned a lot sturdy you could deny it inside seconds . All these reveals the inspiring facet of you which of them one would likes to admire. After listening to the reality from Jaya Maa my respect in direction of you’ve got elevated in an unlimitted means. But Sir , I need to see you as a courageous warrior too. Warrior in sense means not that type of one that retains bursting anger on others, urgent anybody’s hand and finally who is just not in a position to face his personal inside soul . Your ardour is mendacity there and never for you however atleast for that Jaya Maa who’s rendering prayers to get her son again it’s best to sing once more. Your soul hasn’t went away, it’s in your coronary heart . Just that you’re apprehensive being expressive in music what in case your coronary heart’s pains will burst out in music . Tell me that is the reality , Hey naa Mr. Agastya Kumar ?

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 3: OMG! Pakhi agrees with Virat's plan, crosses  all limits in her hatred for Agastya

Agastya wasn’t in a position to say something earlier than Pakhi. He left her hand and sat on the ground . Pakhi appeared him emotionally

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan, 31st May 2022, Written Update: Pakhi forgives  Agastya | PINKVILLA

Pakhi ; I’m sorry if I harm you . But I believe to make you notice what was you shedding I stated all these , My intention was to not make you’re feeling unhappy.

Pakhi went close to Agastya and sit in addition to him.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3: Pakhi's condition before she agrees to marry  leaves Agasthya shocked

Pakhi : Sir, Please say one thing. If you need you’ll be able to scold me , I don’t thoughts. But please speak to me .

Agastya didn’t appeared her and didn’t say even a single phrase. Jaya got here there and was shocked to see this.

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Jaya : What occurred Agastya ? Beta kuch toh bolo

Jaya cupped his face, Agastya checked out Jaya’s eyes emotionally

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He began crying bitterly.

Jaya : Beta what occurred ?

Agastya : Maa, who is that this woman ? She made me to appreciate who am I and what all issues I used to be shedding . I’m actually very sorry Maa. At my very own frustration I actually harm you numerous by not listening you. You share the whole lot with Pakhi , hey naa ?

Jaya : I’m sorry beta . When she was asking once more I felt to say. Because after her arrival I noticed you smilimg entire heartedly . I felt could also be she will be able to do wonders.

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Agastya ; You are proper Maa. She did that surprise with a lot braveness and made me to appreciate that I’m not a lot courageous the best way I take into consideration myself.

Pakhi : Agastya Sir I instructed you I didn’t imply it . Whatever I felt…

Agastya : Enough, I spotted my mistake . Now I promise you that I received’t run from my soul. I’ll attempt to sing little by little . And I’m sorry for urgent your hand , I’m actually very sorry. If potential please forgive me for the best way I rudely behaved to you. I received’t have harm you.

Agastya held Pakhi’s hand and appeared her with teary eyes. His tear drops fell down at her palms.

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Pakhi : Sir once you was urgent my hand I felt dangerous . I believed is that this man who was light to me who provided 50 lakhs and helped me at my troublesome state in life ? But seeing the waves of ache in yours eyes deeply I made you to appreciate what you’re and what it’s a must to be. Now it’s not paining in any respect as your pure tears have healed the pains . You  haven’t harm me , Sir.

Agastya : So meaning you’ve got forgiven me , Pakhi ?

Pakhi : I’ll forgive you at one conditon solely. You need to preserve your promise. Will you fullfil it ?

Agastya : Yes.

Jaya : Durga Maa, thanks a lot for sending Pakhi right here. Because of her my son is getting again to his ardour. Thank you Pakhi beta

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Pakhi : Jaya Maa, I instructed you naa when the masks will likely be revealed your son will grow to be the purest soulful individual. Now he’ll do magic along with his melodious songs. Those melodious songs which I admired rather a lot.

Agastya and Pakhi appeared one another with a smile

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Jaya wiped her tears and smiled . Agastya took the guitar and began enjoying it. Gautam who was coming there was shocked to listen to the tune got here to Agastya’s room . Jaya , Gautam , Pakhi was misplaced when Agastya began singing

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Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera?
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera?
Tujhse juda gar ho jayenge
To khudse hello ho jayenge juda

Kyunki tum hello ho, ab tum hello ho
Zindagi ab tum hello ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqi, ab tum hello ho

When he was singing Pakhi was shutting her eyes and was listening it deeply. Seeing this Gautam imagined a dream .

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Pakhi : Agastya , this rose is for you as you’ve got stolen my coronary heart.

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Agastya out of the blue held Pakhi nearer to him and so they discover rose petals are falling on them

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Agastya :You gave me one rose as signal of affection, Here I’m bursting loads of rose petals at you since you haven’t stolen my coronary heart , You have got here inside my coronary heart and now my coronary heart beats for you.

Pakhi : Agastya you’re superb.

Agastya : You are so fairly Pakhi .

They each hugged one another

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As the track was over each one give large spherical of applause. Gautam was nonetheless clapping and saying “Wow, nice. wow superb”

Agastya : It’s over. Already all clapped and nonetheless you’re clapping ,Gautam

Gautam : Mmmmh…. I’m clapping as a result of my happiness is a lot .

Jaya : Yes , this magic occurred due to Pakhi. Pakhi made him to sing once more

Gautam : Well executed Sissy. I’m so glad .

Pakhi : Thanks bhaiya

Gautam thought ; I initially felt a spark whereas seeing Pakhi. Seems god has ship Pakhi to Agastya Sir’s life for his nicely being.

Jaya : Gautam , kya soch rahe ho ?

Gautam : Nothing Mam. Mmhh…I got here to inform Agastya Sir that the assembly which we now have mounted in night with the shopper received’t occur.

Agastya : Why ?

Gautam : Sir he’s out of station as a part of some work. And will likely be returning after per week.

Agastya ; Okay, repair assembly in subsequent week.

Gautam : Fine . Sir so what’s the programme in night ?

Agastya : You can take a go away in night . I will likely be spending time with my household.

Gautam : Sir, are you positive ? Usually if one cancels a gathering additionally you’ll convert that point to some other enterprise deal .

Agastya : Gautam, I additionally want a break yaar. I actually need to be at my dwelling.

Gautam : Sure, keep on and revel in. Pakhi , good. I want quickly you may be promoted as Agastya Sir’s DP.

Pakhi : DP ? What’s that ?

Agastya : Gautam are you making enjoyable of her ?

Gautam : No I’m critical. This is that type of publish which you’ll’t go away simply Pakhi . I want to see you in that one quickly.

Jaya : But Gautam I haven’t heard about this job, what does it imply ?

Agastya : May be any type of new job. Let me google it

Gautam ; Sir!! You will get plenty of explanations for it. But I swear you received’t get what I imply to say.

Pakhi : Then please inform it

Gautam : You your self will discover when the correct time comes, Sissy. Bye each one.

Jaya : He is usually loopy , Pakhi as we speak I’ll make Kheer for you. It’s your favorite naa

Pakhi : But Jaya Maa that’s my job.

Jaya ; Pakhi  as we speak is your day and no matter dish you likes I’ll make it specifically for you.

Agastya : And what about me ?

Jaya : Come and assist me in kitchen. Daily Pakhi is doing cooking. At least someday you must also attempt a hand on it.

Agastya : Yes my candy Maa.

Jaya and Agastya went contained in the kitchen  . Both of them began making varied dishes. Pakhi watched them with a smile . Meanwhile she will get a telephone name from hospital

Pakhi : Jaya Maa, Sir I have to go. Actually the decision got here from hospital.

Jaya : Sure beti. Agastya drop her to hospital .

Agastya : Ji

Agakhi reached the hospital


Pakhi held her mom’s hand

Pakhi : Maa, how are you feeling now ?

Nisha : I’m high quality beti. Choti is taking care off me nicely. Beti choti instructed the whole lot . They had paid all bills for the treatement naa .

Pakhi : Maa, he’s with me. The one who helped us , Agastya Sir whose songs which we preferred very a lot .

Nisha : Agastya Kumar helped us !!! I can’t consider this .

Agastya : It’s true Maaji. I’m right here solely.

Agastya held her hand

Pakhi : When will these stitches get eliminated ?

Nisha : Beti that’s why we known as you. Doctor stated that inside two weeks stitches will likely be eliminated .

Pakhi : That means my Maa will get her eye sight again . Maa!!

Pakhi hugged her emotionally

Pakhi : I waited for this second lengthy.

Agastya smiled seeing them

Choti : But di what concerning the cash ? How will we gave again the cash quickly ? You are getting wage , however rapidly you’ll be able to’t pay these a lot large quantity .

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Pakhi : Choti , I didn’t give it some thought. But don’t fear , Agastya Sir and Jaya Maa will give me time . I’ll certainly pay the cash. Hey naa Sir ?

Agastya merely appeared her and smiled

Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan, 26th April 2022, Written Update: Yug is  Agastya's stepbrother | PINKVILLA

Agakhi returned dwelling. Agastya recalled Pakhi’s phrases of repaying cash.  Being stressed in ideas Agastya got here right down to have water. He noticed Pakhi sitting in a settee . She was weeping in tears. Agastya sat close to her and touched her shoulder

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: Agastya pulls curtain from Pakhi's past

Agastya : Pakhi why are you crying ? Now it’s a must to be very glad . Your Maa is getting eye sight again.

Pakhi : I do know sir. I want my Paapa must be with me as we speak. I miss him rather a lot .

Agastya : Pakhi you solely instructed me to combat with the onerous occasions and now your self is breaking down in tears

Pakhi : I’m not weak,simply that I miss Paapa . And furthermore I’ll miss Jaya Maa too. Once I repay all the cash I’ve to return and after dwelling like a daughter of Jaya Maa greater than a home maid it is going to be very onerous for me to go from Jaya Maa.

Agastya : Why you suppose so ? Pakhi you’ll be able to come everytime you needs and meet Maa. This is like your house

Pakhi : Is it true , Sir ?

Agastya : Trust me, Pakhi. You made me , Maa, Gautam all very glad . Infact we’ll miss you very a lot.

Pakhi : But Sir I at all times irritated you by bringing espresso in undesirable occasions .

Agastya : I might like to have that espresso once more , Pakhi . You didn’t inform something concerning the dish which I ready . Did you prefer it or not ?

Pakhi : It was so candy similar to you Sir.

Agastya : Now please minimize the wording Sir. Call me Agastya .

Pakhi : But you’re my Boss.

Agastya : Nothing like that Pakhi.

Pakhi : But Gautam bhaiya calls you Sir

Agastya : He is right here being from the time of my Paapa. His behavior of addressing each one as Sir , Mam won’t ever change. He is my P.A. and in workplace and at dwelling he calls me that means . But Pakhi you aren’t like that. You are my Maa’s daughter and I’ll really feel good in the event you name me Agastya as a substitute of Sir . Please

Pakhi : Agastya S..

Agastaya : Pakhi, minimize that S and name me Agastya by my eyes

Pakhi nodded her head and checked out his eyes

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update -

Pakhi : Agastya !!

Agastya : Wow !! My title sounds so good after I hear it from you.

Pakhi blushed with a smile

Agastya : It’s late night time and it’s a must to sleep nicely. Good night time

Pakhi : Can you please sing a lullaby for me ? I’m not getting a high quality sleep, Please Agastya

Agastya nodded his head and sang the lullaby

Neend nagar ka sapna batohe
Dhundhe re palko ki chhaiya
Chanda ki chaadar taare bichhona
Komal si badal ki shaiya

So jaa pyare raaj dulare
Lori sunaye teri maiya
So jaa pyare raaj dulare
Lori sunaye teri maiya

Neend nagar ka sapna batohe
Ab chhode palko ki chhaiya
Chanda samete apna bichhona
Sooraj dhundhe apni chhaiya

Jukjaa pyare raaj dulare
Mukhda chume teri maiya
Jukjaa pyare raaj dulare
Mukhda chume teri maiya

So jaa pyaare Raaj dhulare..

While listening to the lullaby slowly Pakhi fell asleep on couch. Agastya waved his hand on her brow

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 3: OMG! Finally Agastya and Pakhi come together,  share a lovely hug

Meanwhile Jaya watched them with a smile

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Jaya went to Agastya’s room

Agastya : Maa , Aap !! You ought to have known as me  , do you want something ?

Jaya : Haan . Beta inform me actually what you consider Pakhi ?

Agastya : Maa woh….

Jaya : I see you singing lullaby for her .

Agastya ; Maa I feels good when she is right here .

Jaya : I’m asking you , What you’re feeling for her ?

Agastya appeared Jaya

AN : Guys I’ll give the climax in subsequent shot as I didn’t get sufficient time to complete this one on this episode . 

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