Prince Harry claims that his brother, Prince William of Wales, turned against him because of his marriage to the American actress Meghan Markle. As their relationship deteriorated, Harry asserts that on multiple occasions, the older prince verbally assaulted Markle. In an autobiography titled Spare, Harry asserts that William referred to Markle as “abrasive,” “rude,” and “difficult”—a verbatim repetition of the press’s narrative.

In his account, Harry describes how the conflict escalated until William violently grabbed his collar and ripped off his necklace. Subsequently, he fell to the floor.

Harry stated that the incident in question caused visible damage to his spine. Next week’s release of “Sparte” is likely to cause a major scandal for the British royal family.

Before the book’s release, it passed through rigorous security. This included the employment of bodyguards and the implementation of stringent measures to ensure the publication date. The title of the book is derived from a phrase in royal and aristocratic circles that states that a first son inherits titles, power, and wealth. A second son is considered an “unwanted spare part” if the firstborn is lost.

William wanted to discuss the “rolling catastrophe” of their relationship in its entirety, according to Harry’s letter. William was already “turning” as he approached Nottingham Cottage, the location where he expected Harry to reside after moving to Kensington Palace. When Harry discovered that his location had been disclosed and William confronted him at Nott Cott, he acknowledged that his brother was already “enraged.”

According to Harry, William complained about Meghan. As a result, Harry chose to communicate with his brother via press release. When the argument became heated, Harry tried to appeal to William’s logic. However, the conflict continued without resolution.

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Harry believed that his younger brother behaved more like a servant than an heir. Harry and his brother exchanged insults before William stated that he was attempting to assist. Harry responded that William’s assertions were frivolous. What a ridiculous request! This is not even close to the definition of assistance. “What would you call this?” I would appreciate your assistance.

Harry reports that his enraged brother cursed at him when he approached him in fear. Harry claims that as he fled to the kitchen, his terrified brother followed him. In an attempt to calm Willy, Harry claimed he was unable to communicate with him when he was angry.

According to his words, “he placed the water next to me and then changed my name.” He was moving so quickly that he appeared to be instantaneous. As soon as he knocked me to the ground, he tore my necklace from my neck and choked me. He pushed me aside and kneeled next to the dog bowl, breaking it with his weight. After regaining consciousness, I demanded that he leave.

Harry asserts that William encouraged him to retaliate by referencing their previous childhood conflicts. Harry refused and walked away instead. Harry writes that his brother William once again departed while expressing regret and remorse. Harry observed that when William left for good, he instructed Meg not to mention this incident.


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