An Apulian businesswoman claims she was harassed by a journalist in tonight’s Italia 1 episode of Hyenas. I’m Stefania Pellicoro from Gioia del Colle. Roberto Rei wrote a report about my complaint.

Pellicoro, who owns four clothing stores, told Le Iene that she was contacted by a nationally renowned journalist who asked her to remove her clothes and engage in a conversation in exchange for a feature in her magazine. Initial contact was made through Instagram chat.

To determine the specifics of the “strange” request, it is sufficient to await the entrepreneur’s full explanation of what transpired. In the meantime, here is a preview of the upcoming episode.

Stefania Pellicoro is the name of the woman who allegedly accused a reporter of sexual harassment in Roberta Rei’s explosive report, which will air on Italia1’s Le Iene on Tuesday, January 10th. The woman’s employee confirmed this to She is a familiar face. Stefania appears on Fascino’s television programme Ultima Fermata, which will air on Canale 5 between March and April 2022. She enrolled in the programme to address a relationship crisis with her partner, Luca Santonino. They claimed on television that they owned four clothing stores and were from Barrie.

Stefania is responsible for the clothing. She told Le Iene that a well-known journalist contacted her and asked her to remove her clothes and have a conversation in exchange for an article in her magazine. “It’s unsightly. If you want to write an article about me, you must be interested in me. In exchange, Stefania stated in front of Le Iene’s cameras.According to Roberta Rei, a professional with a managerial role on the team he works for, the man was a talk and television show journalist who reached out to her on Instagram. Someone who was interested in my career sent me a request on Instagram. The South, employment, and female entrepreneurship This also piqued my interest because it is an important publication.

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“Before he called me, he sent me the link to confirm he was a reporter.” So I verified that he worked for him (shortened name, ed). Reasons for my trust The woman continued in her complaint to Le Iene, “Until then, it is only slightly ambiguous because it is not for cognitive calls but rather for video calls.” Only you and I will know.” You strip me, and I’ll give you an article in return. It repulses me. “I am extremely dissatisfied, which is why I contacted Le Iene.”


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