A 54-year-old mom decided to join OnlyF and claims she isn’t “hotter than ever.” Twiggy Smith, from Vancouver, Canada, attributes her improved appearance to her newfound confidence following her divorce.

The mother-of-three has spent years of her life trying to be the perfect “family goddess,” wife, and mother—and she’s so upset about it that she claims it’s aging her by 20 years. Twiggy took time for herself after divorcing her partner in 2016 and discovered that she enjoyed taking off her gear in front of strangers during naughty shoots.

Her son suggested she join OnlyF after seeing how happy she was. She believes she is now “suitable for ***” and hopes to inspire other mothers who believe they have lost their mojo.

“I tried to be a model when I was 18, but I struggled with body confidence, body dysmorphia, and an eating disorder,” Twiggy explained. “I lacked confidence and was extremely shy.” I used to have three kids under the age of two. I’m a home goddess who cooks dinner every day and runs my own business.

“When I’m unhappy in my marriage, I appear 20 years older.” “I’m unhappy, and that’s what stress does to DNA.” When I divorced in the fall of 2016, a photographer invited me to shoot, and many photographers want to collaborate with me. I discovered my passion for naked modeling and began a new chapter in my life.


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