A Montenegrin man was incarcerated after police accused him of assaulting and strangling a woman who had issued a protective order against him for domestic violence. Thomas Mark Richard Hughey, 21, was arrested by police on Friday and charged with assault by strangulation and misdemeanour assault on a woman, false imprisonment, and violation of an order issued in late February. infractions, including domestic violence orders.

The charges stem from a horrific attack that occurred on Friday morning, according to police, who described Huey’s interaction with the victim in a search warrant application. The Citizen Times did not identify the violent crime’s victims. On Friday morning at 7:30 a.m., Detective Christopher Kuhn of the Black Hills Police Department wrote in the search warrant that an argument between Huey and a woman escalated into an assault.

Kuhn wrote in the search warrant that Huey, who had earlier threatened to kill the woman, displayed a handgun to the victim and placed it on a table in the room where the attack occurred.

After the altercation began, Huey locked the woman in the bathroom, cinched the belt around her neck, and “yelled at her that she didn’t really love him,” according to Kuhn’s account.

Hughey dragged the woman with a leash wrapped around her neck from the bathroom to the bedroom. She told Coon that Huey’s belt was still wrapped around the woman’s neck, causing her to perform various sexual acts against her will, and Coon recorded her statements in the search warrant. Kuhn noted in his report that the woman’s neck was “red, swollen, and bruised-looking.”

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She issued a protection order against Hughey on February 22. The arrangement is valid until 2019. Hughey is being held at the Buncombe County Detention Center without bond.


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