As a quarterback, it is very important to have a great arm. However, many more skills are involved in making a good Quarterback. Quarterback skills can be developed and enhanced by practicing various quarterback drills. In this article, let us look at some of the most effective Quarterback skills and Drills!

Arm Strength and Accuracy

One of the most important traits required in a quarterback is their arm strength and how accurately they can throw the ball. Arm strengthening exercises include Single-arm dumbbell press, Single-arm dumbbell row, Lunge rotational twist, etc. The accuracy can be achieved by practicing the following drill.

The Circle Drill

The QB should run in circles at a radius of 10 yards around the receiver. And should concentrate on leading the receiver, throwing off-balance, and turning their shoulder toward the target. This drill should be practiced on both left and right-hand sides.

Scan the field

A quarterback needs to be constantly aware of their surroundings, how many are attacking them, which of their teammates they can pass, etc. This is a crucial quarterback skill to win a match. The ‘Scan the field’ drill trains a QB exactly for that.

The ‘Scan the field’ quarterback drill involves the quarterback lining up at the scrimmage, and three receivers will be spread out far in the field so that the quarterback must scan the field to see them. Upon snap, the quarterback will drop back. The coach will point at one of the receivers, who will raise their arms, and the quarterback has to throw the ball to them.

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Mobility is very important for all sports and physical activities. When you have good mobility, you get a good advantage over others. 

Mobility is also a necessary skill for a quarterback. It is as important as his arm strength and accuracy. No point in the QB having exceptional arm power if he is not mobile to escape from attackers and throw the ball. 

In this Quarterback drill, ‘Sprint out,’ A QB will be lined up with a wide receiver standing about 10 yards away, off to about ⅓-¼ from either the left or right sideline. Upon snap, the quarterback will drop back 5 yards and then sprint out to either side and throw the ball before crossing the line of scrimmage.


Quarterbacks need to be Agile at any cost. This drill- ‘Hitting Routes,’ will train the quarterback to be fast while tackling attackers simultaneously without losing balance. 

In this drill, the quarterback and 4 or 5 possible receivers line up on the line of scrimmage. The quarterback should drop back and throw to the players after the snap. 


So, these are some of the most important quarterback skills that every quarterback should possess to be successful. The “QB Takeover Skills Sharpening program” concentrates extensively on cultivating and enhancing these skills with the help of a large variety of Quarterback drills. It also includes the ones mentioned above to produce efficient quarterbacks.

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