OnlyF has successfully positioned itself as one of the most popular websites for purchasing and selling exclusive photographs and videos in the wake of the pandemic. Even though not all of the content is intimate, most of the people who make it are women who model and show off their bodies for a monthly fee.

Internet users began to regulate the work and stop judging all the sales it implied; however, in the final hours, the story of Holly Jane, who was no longer a Mormon, became an OnlyF model and earned a substantial amount of money. Significant funds were withdrawn.

The devout woman stated in an interview with local media that at first no one knew her big secret. Despite going against the “principles” of her beliefs, the 39-year-old admits she enjoys attending “good figure” classes. Holly fears expulsion from her church.

Jane wasn’t known to her followers after she was found, but thousands of people on the internet supported the mother of the family and started promoting OnlyF so that the model could get more subscribers.

OnlyF model requests that her neighbour not reveal her “package”: “Avoid harming my business.”

Holly told the above-mentioned website that she will keep making content for Onlyf, which pays her a whopping 730,000 pesos per month, or about 8,760,000 pesos per year.

The content creator’s Instagram account features videos showcasing what some of her most devoted fans can view on OnlyF, where she sells over two thousand photos and videos for just three dollars each.

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