Victoria Triece stated that in October 2021, when the principal asked her to speak, she assisted with a pumpkin carving event at her son’s elementary school. Trice stated that she was in a hurry but could speak for a few minutes despite her carving set.

According to the lawsuit, Triece never set foot in her son’s classroom. According to the lawsuit, the principal informed her that the Florida School District Board had decided she could no longer interact with students on school property. Triece stated that she had posted nude photos of herself on the OnlyF social media platform as the reason.

Triece sued Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida, in district court last week for the right to resume volunteering at her sons’ school events.

Triece, 31, told The Washington Post, “I take it very seriously despite the fact that it is not my job.” Then, you are informed that you cannot be present. It’s like, “What should I do?” This is my life.

The spokesperson for Orange County Public Schools said, “The school district does not talk about possible or ongoing lawsuits.”

Since 2019, Trice has been a single mother to her 11- and 7-year-old sons, and she opened an OnlyF account through which subscribers can pay to access videos and photos. She also said that she started posting on the website to make money and keep her schedule open so she could volunteer at Sand Lake Elementary School.

Since October 2016, according to Trice, she has been volunteering at her son’s school. She stated that she coordinated field days, class reunions, and field trips. Triss stated she comforted the children when the parents of other children were unable to attend the event.

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