Video Alexandra Arce twitter, que paso realmente en el debate

On Tuesday, December 21, a lottery will determine the order in which candidates for provincial and municipal offices will take part in required public debates. In the months of March and April of 2019, there will be two weeks of public debates.

The Guayas Provincial Elections Junta, formed in provincial junta, determines the order in which candidates from Guayas prefectures prevail over alcaldes from Guayaquil, Daule, Milagro, and Durán.

On January 8, the North Theatre in Puerto Principal will host a public debate regarding the qualifications for Provincial Government. There are thirteen applicants for this position.

In the second round of voting, the two groups of candidates for the position of Alcalde Durán were determined.

The candidates Leonidas Cevallos, Steven Molina, Rodrigo Aparicio, José Solis, and Pablo Ayala will debate the incumbent mayor, Alexandra Arce.

Other competitors debate in a separate group. There are several of them, including Yamil Layana, Luis Chonillo, Alexandra Cornejo, Carlos Rodas, Andrea Peralta, and Ricardo Valle.

There are a total of 12 applicants.


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