Bia Miranda posted on social media about missing her flight from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo last Tuesday (10). Due to long travel times from her home to her boarding location, the internet celebrity arrived late at Rio de Janeiro’s Santos Dumont airport.

After trying to reschedule the flight to a different time and being shocked by how much it would cost, the ex-worker gave up on the trip.

Bia Miranda and her boyfriend Gabriel chose the trendy neighbourhood of Copacabana for the night before continuing their trip the next day, and it was from there that the couple felt discriminated against when they were in some neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro’s southern district. Institutional acceptance and rejection

Gretchen’s granddaughter decided to tell everyone about the problems, so she made a video for a social network that was a complaint about the whole situation.

Barbara Borges won the attraction directed by Adriane Galisteu on Record TV’s rural reality show and the “1.5 million Ray Yar” bonus. Gretchen’s stepgranddaughter, on the other hand, revealed that she was able to earn her winnings from The Farm 14.


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Bia Miranda’s life is turned upside down one month after leaving A Fazenda 14 when she no longer has to return to work at the rubber shop with her fiancé, Gabriel Roza.

Jenny Miranda’s daughter believes her contract as an Instagram digital influencer with facial coordination is just getting started.


“I’ve lost weight. Happier. Worry less about things,” Deolane Bezerra’s “A Fazenda 14” ally reveals in an interview with Domingo Espetacular, which airs on Record TV this Sunday (15th).

A former Fazenda 14 contestant won a brand new car while displaying details of the mansion in Rio de Janeiro where she will live with her fiancé and the modest house where she lives with her in-laws.

“I’ve already won the Fazenda Award,” says Bia Miranda, 18, of the cosmetic changes she’s made aside from coordination, such as contact lenses on her teeth and lip fillers.

The brunette revealed that she had spent about $27,000 on plastic surgery and was about to undergo rhinoplasty.

“They say I grew up quickly after leaving the farm, but no one does.” It’s a different reality. “I didn’t win an award, but I won the public’s heart,” Bia Miranda said in a YouTube interview with Matheus Mazzafera.



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