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Video Rezky Aditya terbaru on reddit and twitter leaked

Rezky’s acting career began in 2004 with a role on the soap opera Adam and Eve. He then landed the role of Arifin in his first film, “Falling in Love Again,” in 2006.

Her name became well-known to the general public as a result of her successful role as Marvel in the Marvel soap opera Melati. Princess was replaced by Rizky. Raka is played by Yusra and Yumna. Mas gusay, you are as white as jasmine, as faith is. Galang is played by two beautiful women, and Reyhan is played by blind love. He was frequently paired with actress Nikita Willy in a series of soap operas and on FTV.

Trijogo Drajatmoko and Ratna Prita are his parents.

Rezky graduated from Al-Azhar Kemang Pratama High School. He continued his studies at Bina Nusantara University, where he majored in Industrial Engineering.

Rezky married Citra Kirana on December 1, 2019 in Bandung, Indonesia. They will have a son named Keene Atharrazaka Aditya on August 28, 2020.

A brilliant video of an artist with the initials R, suspected of being the perpetrator Rezky Aditya, has rocked the virtual world.

The artist, whose initials are R, is suspected of being the culprit in exciting video footage of Rezky Aditya having sex with an unidentified woman.

A psychic predicted that Rezky Aditya, the artist with the initials R, would come to public attention in early 2023, long before stirring videos of the artist with the initials R went viral on social media.

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On Tuesday, December 27, 2022, telematics expert Abimanyu Wachjoewidajat revealed the facts related to the exciting video of the artist, allegedly Rezky Aditya with the initial R, via YouTube broadcast, including the following:


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