She is at the peak of her abilities. Viktoria Winslow, also known as the “Golden GILF,” has 201,000 TikTok followers and 38,000 Instagram followers, where she posts sexy photos of herself. She selected an adult content platform because of her 24-year-old daughter, Zoe (an OnlyFans model).

The 57-year-old Australian from Melbourne even asked Zoe for assistance with a photoshoot, dubbing the event “empowerment.” “I never thought in a million years that I would be in this position. “One word: empowerment,” the grandmother of the fitness expert told Jam Press. “As long as I have an audience, I’ll continue making videos, even if I’m ninety years old and wrinkled.”

Surprisingly, she discovers through her online niche work that young men are drawn to older women.”Men as young as 19 have registered, and I believe that being a sexy grandma is a niche market, which helps a great deal,” she explained. The fact that they want me still surprises me, to be honest. She and Zoe posed for a mother-daughter photo, which “gets people talking,” she says, adding that she knows when to push and when to pull.

“However, I’ve received some odd requests. “A fan asked me to step on a bug on camera, which I do not have, and it’s amazing that so many people have foot fetishes,” she says. “I only do what makes me feel comfortable.”

Her career with Only Fans boils down to money. Because her income was “good,” Zoe suggested joining the platform in her outreach.

“Initially, I was a little concerned about her safety, but she kept encouraging me to try, and I soon believed I could do the same,” said Winslow, a divorcee, recalling how concerned she was about her retirement savings. Now I enjoy it a great deal.

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Winslow reported that she lived on a month-to-month basis and was eventually forced to move into a friend’s home because she was unable to pay her rent. At Zoe’s suggestion, the mother was concerned that her age would attract online attention. In addition to men drooling over her content, she describes the majority of trolls as “girly.” She views haters as “jealous” individuals who tell her to “get off” TikTok, inquire about her children’s thoughts, and even refer to her as an “old woman.”

“The label “grandmother” is great for me, as many people believe we are quite popular,” she added. “I am a grandmother who takes pride in displaying my possessions.”

Her fans certainly concur, but the self-proclaimed GILF is not currently looking for love. She does not date and is not interested in “toy boys,” despite her “never say never” attitude.

She mumbles, “Guys love my wrinkles, my dimples, and my stretch marks,” adding that her new appearance has given her “financial independence” and self-love. “In so many ways, doing so as an older woman is empowering,” she gushes. “Women are told they must be young and thin to be attractive, but I can tell you that’s not true,” she continued.

Zoe described her mother’s commitment to the craft as “inspiring.” Zoe explained, “I am so proud of my mother because she has such incredible values and is so dedicated and focusedauit’s truly inspiring.”



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