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viral video hakim dinarasikan bocorkan vonis sambo

Jakarta, Indonesia Beredar viral di social media potongan video pendek menampilkan seorang pria majelis hakim yang mengadili Ferdy Sambo.In the video, it is stated that Hakim Wahyu Iman Santoso is responsible for the death of Sambo.Djuyamto, as a member of the Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan (PN Jaksel), is unaware of the video’s content. “Kami belum mengetahui dan memastikan kebenaran video ini,”

What exactly is this viral video?

There are two viral videos with different themes. The first video shows a man who is described as a Wahyu hakim who is tired of sitting on the sofa and is about to evict someone. Wahyu, as seen in the video, is currently practising Kabareskrim and preparing to kill Sambo.
Other videos indicate that Wahyu is having a conversation with a woman. I was moved by the voice of a woman who was speaking Wahyu, as seen in the video.

“Not only that, but he nggak masuk akal banget dia nembak pakai pistol Yosua, nggak apa-apa, sah-sah saja.”Saya nggak akan pressure dia harus ngaku, saya enggak butuh pengakuan,” said Pria in the viral video.

Later, someone with a voice that sounded like a woman’s intercepted the pria’s words.Wanita modifies the name of the subject by adding “Wahyu.”

“Mas Wahyu bilang gitu, betul.” I don’t need anything. Betul, betul, betul In the video, a woman says
Then, the pria resumed her work. In the video, the woman says she does not need to work.

“I don’t need anything.” We have the option of doing it ourselves. Saya is considering building a kayak. “Pria itu lanjut sambil terdengar suara tertawa wanita tersebut,” saya diemin sambil terdengar suara tertawa wanita tersebut.

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