The YouTube video that was used as an alibi by the alleged killer of Natalie McNally is still available online for the world to watch. When Stephen McCullagh was arrested on Dec. 19 in connection with the murder of his pregnant partner, he told police he watched a six-hour live stream on YouTube the night she was killed.

After questioning McCullagh, the police checked his alibi and discovered the lengthy video on his YouTube channel. McCulla was ruled out as a suspect in the police investigation because everything appeared live, as he claimed.

But at a court hearing this week, police found the 32-year-old’s story had been unravelled after investigators dug into his alibi after new evidence was uncovered. The officer in charge of the murder investigation testified in court that extensive technical checks of McCullagh’s computing equipment by network experts revealed that the YouTube videos were prerecorded and played as if they were live.

While McCullagh denied any involvement in Ms. McNally’s murder, he admitted during questioning this week that he had recorded the so-called live broadcast days earlier, according to PSNI Detective Chief Inspector Neil McGuinness. The YouTube video that McCullagh posted on December 18 under the name votesaxon07 is still online.

This is known as the “Violent Night Christmas Live Gaming Stream” (Streamy Goodness). The video received hundreds of comments following this week’s court hearing. Some commenters called for the recording to be removed.

In the video, McCallah is seen wearing a Santa hat in what appears to be his Lisburn home’s living room. Two minutes and forty-five seconds into the musical introduction, McCullagh appears on screen and announces, “Hey, we’re live.” “Hey, guys, is it just me or is that kind of unexpected?” As he adjusts the camera on his computer, he reiterates that the show is said to have been leaked in real time.

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“Isn’t that the fun of live streaming?” he asked. Salutations to all on this lovely Sunday evening. Yeah, so I figured, why not do a live stream since that day is Christmas next week? The only thing you could desire more than Christmas is a night out with your old friend Stephen. Before beginning to play Grand Theft Auto, McCulla informed viewers that he would be unable to monitor “live chat on the stream” due to computer equipment issues.


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