In Perth’s central business district, her recent appearance at a Stax pop-up store attracted such a large crowd of teenagers that the store had to be closed and the crowd dispersed just 15 minutes in.

Learn All About Anna Paul, the Popular Australian Model, including her Age, Family, Brother, Social Media Accounts, and Wealth as of 2022.

There was “a significantly larger crowd than expected,” a police spokesperson was quoted as saying in a Perth Now article.

According to the report, the crowd was much larger than expected, and things quickly got out of hand due to people cutting in line.

According to reports, a number of people fainted, and some needed medical attention. They were all waiting patiently outside the shop to get a glimpse of the Only Fans star, who had become an overnight sensation thanks to the video-sharing app TikTok.

Anna is now in the top one percent of writers on the site OnlyFans.

The 23-year-old star shot to fame after posting lip-sync videos to the app TikTok. She began making vlogs about her life not long after and quickly gained a large following.

Anna’s star began to rise on the video-sharing platform, so she started sharing videos on the paid membership site OnlyFans in order to reach a wider audience.

Her career on OnlyFans was wildly successful, and she is now in the top one percent of earners there. In exchange for her bare-all photos, she requests a subscription fee of $19.48 for three months, $35.96 for six months, and $59.94 for a full year.

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Her net worth is estimated to be $6,866,330 (or AUD $10 million) by the DailyMail.

She has a lot of posts on social media that show how she went from being poor as a child to being wealthy as an adult.

She revealed the family’s tight financial situation in a TikTok video, saying, “$30 a week for grocery money to feed a family of four.”

The actress and her crypto-influencer brother, Atis Paul, recently moved into a beachfront mansion on Australia’s Gold Coast.

OnlyFans is a paid membership site where his brother offers guidance to young fans and followers for a monthly fee of $49.99. At the moment, he is also supporting a new cryptocurrency called Hushcoin.


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