Chetan Sharma, the chief selector of the Indian men’s cricket team, has made a startling admission in a viral internet video. The former Indian pacer, who was removed from his position due to India’s poor performance in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup last year, was reinstated in January of this year. In a Zee Media sting, Chetan is heard making shocking claims about the Indian cricket team and its players.

The 57-year-old can be heard discussing the infamous incident involving Virat Kohli’s tenure as Indian captain in one of the videos that have gone viral on social media since the sting operation was broadcast. As a result of Virat’s decision to relinquish the T20I captaincy in December 2021, he was removed from the ODI captaincy, and Rohit was named the new captain.

According to the chief selector, the 35-year-old Rohit was not the preferred candidate to succeed Virat as captain of the Indian team, but he was promoted because the BCCI desired to remove Virat as quickly as possible. He claimed that the Indian Cricket Board used Virat’s poor form at the time to remove him as ODI captain.

“We did not favour Rohit as a captain; we were simply opposed to Virat Kohli.” The BCCI used Virat’s poor form as an excuse to remove him as captain. They should not treat the nation’s best batter in this manner. Disgraceful ” Zee Media conducted an explosive sting operation involving Chetan Sharma.

According to Sharma, Virat had begun to view himself as superior to the sport, which did not sit well with the board. “The BCCI and selection committee instructed him to reconsider his decision to resign as T20I captain.” He addressed the media prior to his tour of South Africa. He brought up what happened in the selection committee without reason. He desired a confrontation with the then-president of the BCCI, Chetan Sharma,

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