As the Demon Slayer movie is finally out in American theatres, many fans would like to watch it at home, especially given the current state of the world. On April 27, for several hours, the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train movie was available via the PS4 PSN (PlayStation Network). What transpired—was there a leak?

Mugen Train, the Demon Slayer film, was made available digitally on the PS4 PSN for several hours on April 27, 2021, for $12.99. The film was available on the PlayStation Store for more than three hours before it was removed.

The film, a direct sequel to the first television series, follows the adventures of the protagonist Tanjiro and his companions as they board the Infinite Train to meet Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. They get caught up in Kyojuro’s plan to find the demon behind the strange disappearances on the train.


Demon Slayer Film on PlayStation 4: Was the film leaked?
First and foremost, it is essential to understand why the Demon Slayer film is connected to Sony and its PSN. Sony’s Aniplex is the main production company for the Demon Slayer anime. Consequently, a number of Aniplex-affiliated anime series became available for digital purchase on the PlayStation Store. This has been the case since the introduction of the PlayStation 3.

Regarding how the Demon Slayer film ended up there, it is highly likely that Sony and the PlayStation Store made a mistake. On April 23, Demon Slayer Mugen Train was finally released in American theaters. The digital English release is scheduled for June 22.

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Consequently, the PSN release of the film should occur within the next few months. While the film has been in Japanese theatres since October 2020, it has not yet been released on the Japanese PSN. With English subtitles, the DVD and Blu-ray versions will be released in a few days.


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