A group of white students in Philadelphia is under investigation, and some are facing expulsion, after a viral video — sent to Black classmates — appeared to show them spray-painting their faces black and spewing derogatory remarks about Black stereotypes and Black History Month.

The video, which began circulating on social media this week, appears to feature four girls, three of whom have been identified as St. Hubert Catholic High School students. Franklin Towne Charter High School identified the fourth as a former student. The clip depicts one girl spraying black paint on another girl’s face.

The girl spraying shouts, “You’re a Black girl. You recognise your ancestry, it’s February!”

She continues, “You are nothing more than a slave. After this, I expect you to do my laundry.”

“I’m Black and I’m proud!” the girl being sprayed yells.

A third girl is seen in the background, recording the incident on what appears to be the social media platform Snapchat.

In another online video, a white girl wearing a do-rag and proclaiming, “I’ve got the power to say [N-word]” can be seen.

A Black parent told CNN that the video was sent to his daughter, who attends the Catholic school, his niece, as well as other Black students at St. Hubert. The video was recorded off school property and after school hours. Ken Gavin, communications chief for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, said the video was “generally released on social media … not to a targeted audience.”



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