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TV Asahi broadcasts the popular Japanese television programme Itadaki High Jump. The show features the well-known J-pop group Hey! Say! Jump, who are renowned for their upbeat and energetic music and dance performances.

Itadaki High JUMP translates roughly to “Let’s Jump at the Top” in English. The show has been a hit with audiences ever since its debut in 2015. It is a variety show that combines music, comedy, and games, making it suitable for viewers of all ages.

A prominent segment of the show is titled “Jumping Call,” in which the members of Hey! Say! JUMP call their fans live on air and converse with them. There are also games and tasks that the contestants have to do, and the results are often hilarious.

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In addition to musical and comedic segments, Itadaki High JUMP offers a glimpse into the members of Hey! Say! JUMP’s daily lives. The audience can see how they talk to each other and how they get ready for concerts and performances.

Itadaki High JUMP has become a fan favourite among Hey! Say! JUMP and J-pop music enthusiasts in general. The show’s high-energy performances, humour, and lighthearted tone make it an enjoyable and entertaining viewing experience for anyone seeking lighthearted entertainment.

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