Itsukidevil722, one of the world’s most famous streamers with over 6 million Twitch subscribers and an OnlyF star, has disclosed her monthly income. in an interview with Jake Lucky, another anchor.

She claims that at her highest earning level on Twitch and Onlyf, she earned over $2 million per month.

“I believe this is the largest withdrawal I’ve ever made, likely due to the fact that OnlyF allows withdrawals at any time; it’s approximately $2 million.” ” “I’ve been waiting for about a month and a half,” itsukidevil722 explained.

Twitch and OF each retain a portion of the revenue. She receives 30% to 50% of the streaming platform’s profits. OF is maintained for 20 hours. This does not include tips left by fans.

Ibai Llanos may have earned her highest salary in the last two years. Also, the $2 million does not limit how much they can charge different brands to advertise with them.

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