The atmosphere was anything but calm as headlines and viral stories flooded social media in the first week of January. What you might not expect is that an unusual video went viral in an instant: four women demonstrate everything on TikTok in one minute.

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Four women stand next to each other in the video, laugh, and slowly lift their tops to reveal their breasts.

The original TikTok video is no longer available, probably because it broke TikTok’s rules against nudity, pornography, and sexually explicit content.

After horny Indonesians shared and retweeted the video multiple times on social media, praising their own bravery, it became known as 4 Bersaudara (Four Sisters) (probably because Indonesia has strict laws against pornography).

The video was so popular that the major Indonesian news outlets covered it extensively. Many of them provided a link as well as a very detailed play-by-play.

It didn’t take long for the video to make its way to the neighbouring Philippines, and it didn’t take long for it to be revealed that the “sisters” were Filipino, not Indonesian.
The video’s title on TikTok in the Philippines literally translates to “four women.” Several perverts were ecstatic about the raging “scandal,” but others were not.
One even wrote a rap song about “not just these four women, but all those whose dignity has been stripped away.”


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