The Basavaraj Bommai government in Karnataka was caught off guard by a public dispute between two senior women officers.

Araga Jnanendra, the State Minister of Home Affairs, has publicly voiced his displeasure with the officers’ “bad behaviour” and threatened to take action against them.

An IPS officer named D Roopa Moudgil published private photos of an IAS officer named Rohini Sindhuri on Sunday. According to her, Rohini Sindhuri’s sending of her photos to male IAS officers was a violation of service conduct regulations. D Roopa posted the images to Facebook, alleging that Sindhuri had shown them to three IAS officers in 2021 and 2022.

D Roopa had made a list of corruption allegations against Sindhuri and reported the situation to Karnataka’s Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Chief Secretary Vandita Sharma the day before.

On Sunday, Sindhuri released a statement in which she vented her ire and accused D Roopa of engaging in a “false, personal vilification campaign” against her, threatening legal action.

“In an effort to smear my reputation, she amassed a trove of my social media posts, as well as screenshots of my WhatsApp status updates. As she claims I sent these images to government officials, I demand that she name them “-Said Sindhuri.

Sindhuri used the term “mental illness” as a slam against her opponent.

“The widespread problem of mental illness calls for medical treatment and professional therapy. The threat increases when it strikes those in authoritative positions. Roopa IPS has been using her standard operating procedure of spreading rumours about me in an attempt to discredit me professionally “In her assertion, Sindhuri emphasised.

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The Karnataka Home Minister claimed that he had discussed the conflict with the head of police and that the Chief Minister had been made aware of the situation.

“We will not stand by idly while they commit acts of violence against us. They’re both acting so poorly; nobody talks like that in public. Let them handle their own problems however they see fit; however, their behaviour in front of the media is unseemly “according to Karnataka’s HM.

Sindhuri is the Commissioner of the Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowment Department, and D Roopa is the Managing Director of the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation.

According to reports, tensions flared after photos of Sindhuri and Janata Dal Secular MLA Sa Ra Mahesh enjoying a meal together went viral. Throughout Sindhuri’s time as Mysuru’s police chief in 2021, the two women officers had several public spats over corruption allegations.

Concerned about the motives behind an IAS officer meeting with a politician, D Roopa insinuated that the two had struck a deal.

The accusation was brushed off by Sindhuri.

An uproar has been caused in the government administration by the heated debate between the two officials. Even though Chief Minister Bommai dismissed the conflict as a “personal matter” the day before, there is now talk that he may have to intervene if things don’t calm down.


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