tyre nichols body cam footage leaked

Tennessee authorities are preparing to release body cam footage of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man who died three days after a traffic stop on January 7.

Wednesday evening, Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis delivered a speech in which he referred to Nichols’ death as “heinous, reckless, and inhumane” and warned the public not to react violently after viewing the video.

“This is not merely a professional blunder. This is a failure of basic humanity toward another person,” Davis said, adding that the five officers and others involved in Nichols’ death “failed our community and the Nichols family.” This is extremely regrettable.”

“In the spirit of openness, when the video is released in the coming days, you will be able to see for yourselves,” she continued. “I anticipate that you will feel as the Nichols family does. I anticipate that you will be outraged by the violation of fundamental human rights, as our police officers have sworn to do the opposite of what is depicted in the video.

Davis stated that none of this constitutes an invitation to incite violence or destruction against our community or our citizens.

Davis added that the investigation and release of the body cam footage are among the first steps for the police to regain their standing in the community, and he called for “true, accountable action and change.”

“In our pain, outrage, and frustration, there is still work to be done to build each other up in order to continue the momentum in enhancing our police-community relationships and partnerships,” she said.

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